Commercial / Office / Apartment / Hotel

Midwest China

85.000 m²



Environment Standard
Energy Class 2020

Project Designing

Highrise CBD

The project with convenient transportation and superior location using twisted masses designed to break through the traditional image of high-rise complexes, allowing people to enjoy towering, sun-filled spaces and unobstructed urban landscapes. There is no similar complex in the surrounding area, so this project complements the image and function of the city in this area, optimizing the skyline.

One of the features of the project is to split the building into three blocks according to the height of the refuge. The block forms a number of sky gardens and sky lobby through a unique twisting mode. white-collar workers and hotel guests can share these spaces and enjoy the surrounding landscape.

This design will break the shortcomings of the traditional high-rise lack of greening, build vertical gardens and cities, and make the project a landmark in the area.

Vertical garden and green roof add more vegetation to the building, which regulates the microclimate inside the building and reduces the use of air conditioning.

The façade of the building is covered with a grille-like skin that reduces glare and provides shade during summer.

The project combines apartments, offices, parking lots, hotels, and air public spaces. On the ground floor, it combines a variety of commercial facilities such as restaurants, shopping malls, bars and cafes to enrich the diversity of neighborhood functions and lifestyles.

The middle floor is used as an office space, and the upper floors are used as apartments or hotels. The top floor will serve as a pool and sky restaurant and join the roof greening. The formats are independent and easy to manage.

The interface between the main streets along the south and east sides is a commercial interface that exploits the greatest commercial potential. The building interface on the north side of the secondary street is the hotel and office interface, creating a quiet atmosphere. The interface to the west side of the existing residential area is the apartment and logistics interface.

Through the analysis of structural and sunshine indicators during the design process, the rationality of project construction is guaranteed.