Vest Kina

2.100 m²



Bibliotek / Boghandel: The Loop

LOOP as a concept, has different meanings: circle, circulation, round, etc. As a circle, loop has both internal and external equality, which means continuous landscape as view without particular direction. The urban and natural view is better involved into bookstore space. LOOP is inclusive geometry, can naturally and friendly settle in this context.

LOOP is a circulation, not only simply people’s movement, but also the movement of space. The limited space through the LOOP, provides unlimited experience, which also corresponds to the infinity knowledge.

LOOP forms the round shape, which refers to the library in the old days are only for the few and defended from public. Today’s bookstore is more like a temple or a tower, transparent and open to everyone.

The design focuses on holistic atmosphere of the bookstore. The bookshelves, both internal and external functions not only as shelves for books, but also defining the bookstore space for readers, and shading from the sunshine from sustainability aspect.

The external bookshelves and the glass curtain forms void space. By using ‘chimney effect’, the’cold’ air above the lake water goes through the void’s bottom and up until the top. By this way, building itself could be cooled down with the natural ventilation and saving energy.

The central area of the book store is designed to be void space, with four floors height and sight up until the universe. This space is designed to be space, where visitors meditate. Confucius said, learning without thinking is lost, thinking without learning is perilous. The void space provides readers or visitors qualified space for leaning, reading, thinking and communicating.