Masterplanning / Company Headquarter / Factory Building Design

Kunming, Yunnan Province, China

337, 029 m²

Sino-Precious Metals Holding Co.,Ltd.


Energy Class 2020

2nd Place at the International Competition

Yunnan Sino Precious Metals Masterplan

The concept is to create an IDENTITY for the complex, which will create a better production and research environment that in turn will lead to higher productivity and employee satisfaction. The strong identity is also critical in supporting and strengthening the brand of the company.

This IDENTITY is defined by linking the complex to its location. This is achieved by drawing inspiration from the distinctive and unique natural features of the Yunnan province. The organizational features of the masterplan, the form of the buildings and the materials can be all directly refered to the local.


The masterplan is organized by an efficient road network and divided blocks into productive blocks on both sides of the east and central functional blocks.

Each block is thought of conceptually as a garden and each contains a water feature and one of the Celebrated Flowers. These blocks can be redesigned according to production capabilities and research requirements.

The central block connects to the main entrance of the park and contains the main building and some public functions such as activity centers, restaurants, and dormitories.


The main building design concept is Water Ding,  referenced to the traditional Chinese bronzes – Fang Ding’s shape, which symbolizes stability and stability, and bronzes imply the attributes of enterprise products. The shape of the inverted pyramid also symbolizes the unique landscape of Yunnan – Hani terraces and rare earth mines. The main building consists of a physical office space on both sides of the east and west and a transparent glass atrium. The office and other functional spaces are terraced like a terraced field, forming a high 30-meter atrium high, and the hollow treatment is combined with the square shape. Resolved the adverse effects caused by the main entrance road. The atrium and adjoining terraces will have trees and plants to reinforce the overall PARK theme.

The production unit design concept is envisioned as LANTERNS IN THE PARK. In the daytime, the sense of depth and shape of the building as a whole is revealed, and at night, the diffuse light illuminates the surrounding environment, which is interesting.


The approach adopted by the park’s buildings should be consistent with the master plan concept. It should provide a model of construction that can be applied to different building types as well as to different stages of construction.

· In terms of materials, the facade of the factory building is made of transparent glass, U-shaped glass or organic plate, and non-transparent aluminum plate, louver and other materials to form the change of the façade skin, through the combination of three materials, to meet the different functions of light transmission. Requirements. At the same time, the roof and terrace are treated with greenery.

· In terms of construction methods, the buildings in the park adopt a modular design, which consists of standard-sized modules and can be flexibly changed in the unified.


Construct a rainwater harvesting and reuse system. Rainwater is collected from the roof surface, passes through the louver drain at the edge of the roof, enters the rainwater corridor, and after flowing and purifying, it penetrates into the underground water tank below the rainwater tank. The water tank is placed at the overflow, and the water tank can be discharged to the external river. During the dry season, the water in the groundwater tank can be gardened by a pressure pump to reduce water consumption.

The combination of parking lots and green plants is an ecological parking lot, making the parking lot part of the landscape; collecting rainwater from the parking lot using ecological haze to mitigate the impact of heavy rain on the park.

Use solar panels on the roof and facade to generate electricity to support the normal operation of the park.

A considerable amount of trees and vegetation can be used to shade buildings and employees and absorb some of the inevitable pollution in the production process.

Use building façade materials with good insulation, but also allow daylight to enter to reduce the need for indoor lighting.


· Prefacricated unit components are used in factory building and dormitory building to reduce construction costs.

· Provide an environment with a focus on employee well-being will ensure higher productivity and motivation in the workforce. Besides, it will be more easier to attract good emplyees and researchers.

· Infrastructure which provides reduced the operating and maintenance costs of the facilities over time compared to traditional infrastructure.