• 12. juni / Urban Living – Danish style

    ZESO Partner Mick Forde Bradley was interviewed by the Sunday Business Post at the weekend, in a special article with focus on the speakers at Property Industry Ireland Conference’s on Urban regeneration and future communities, taking place in Dublin on Thursday the 14th June.

    There he will be looking at recent urban development in Copenhagen and planning for an ageing Irish populous, with inspiration from some of the models emerging from the Danish senior housing sector.

    Speaking to Graham Clifford of the Sunday Business Post:

    By 2040, there will be one million more people who call Ireland their home and about one in four of us will be over 65 years of age.
    This demands a radical re-think of how we design our cities, transport hubs, work environments, and homes—simply put, a rethink of the quality of life we will expect from our country. Denmark has been at the forefront of creating ‘liveable’ cities and communities for decades, and the many parallels between the two countries make adoption of some of the strategies especially relevant. We will ask what Danish knowlede and experience can be re-envisioned for an Irish populous embarking on a development plan towards 2040, and what new business models/building typologies and technologies will affect how we build and plan for this growth.

    Read more and book a place at the conference HERE