• ZESO Client consultancy

    ZESO CLIENT CONSULTANCY brings added value to projects in all scales and process stages. Using our work method HIGH FIVE as a platform, we ensure value-based project development and processes with focus on realistic results. Our solid reading of market dynamics enables us to point out options with architectural, financial, social, and marketing potential. We uncover the factual elements of a project and together we define the strategies enabling its implementation. In this way, we assist both private and public clients in making informed decisions.

    Our approach is simple and operational and it is easy, therefore, to follow complex processes through in a reliable and goal-oriented way from start to finish. Our time-honoured knowledge about project development, planning, and implementation ensures a competent process based at one single location. The strategic nexus between economy, time, legal and technical aspects results in value-adding design within:

    • Project development
    • Technical due diligence
    • Master planning
    • Local area development plans
    • Programming
    • Stakeholders and users
    • Call for tenders
    • Cost/time management
    • Tenant consultancy
    • Brand management.

    We would be happy to demonstrate how we can create value for you and how, together, we apply our professional competences to achieve a superb result.



    Kelly Andrew Nelson

    Kelly Andrew Nelson


    Architect MAA

    +45 20686586 / kan@zeso.dk