• Zeso Alliance

    ZESO ALLIANCE is an innovative business structure of marketing and specialist businesses united in a binding collaborative venture. ZESO ALLIANCE gathers all deliveries under one umbrella, ensuring both volume and specialisation in a flexible format, adapted to match the needs of customers. A one-stop shopping model where one contracting party provides a clear overview and simple lines of communication. The framework agreement of the alliance outlines process and delivery, guaranteeing the customer a defined and qualified product. As such, the following issues have already been cleared with the alliance partners:

    • Architectural and technical standards
    • Process and collaboration
    • Sustainability
    • Finances
    • Time
    • Quality
    • BIM/IKT/Communication

    The framework agreement is based on ZESO’s HIGH FIVE method ensuring that functionality, sustainability, finances, aesthetics, and buildability are weighted equally in all phases as a basis for all further development and realisation.

    With specialist and business knowledge as a platform, the correct scalability, competence model, and agility will thus give the customer maximum influence on and maximum quality of the consultancy services. The collaboration and the agreements already entered into with subconsultancies will free resources for the alliance to work as intended:

    Ensure that customers get added value.




    Kristian Weber Thomsen

    Kristian Weber Thomsen

    CEO / Partner

    Constructing Architect / Construction Economist

    +45 53772821 / kwt@zeso.dk