ZESO Specialist knowledge for an emerging Irish market:

  • • Newest knowledge from Denmark – a recognised european market leader
  • • Newest international analysis & tendancies – Analysis from Phd Research
  • Dementia and its affects on architecture – 3 year European funded Phd 2017- 2020
  • • Existing elderlycare facilities – lessons learned 2017-18 (over 60 elderlycare homes analysed across Denmark)
  • • The emerging ”grey gold market” values and visions – Programing of several ”future” focused care homes
  • • Integration of elderly care homes with senior housing and public amenties/city scale – private sector DK
  • • Accessible future city design for the elderly


No country for old men.. W. B. Yeats, Sailing to Byzantium

ZESO CARE – the future of Irish elderly lifestyle choice – demand more – demand a life worth living – always.

We can do better – we must do better.

Irish people have an aversion to anything resembling the idea of moving into elderlycare facilities. Irelands housing crisis is not just that we need more housing, we also need to look at how we want to live our lives from 60 -100 years of age.

Tales of terrible elderly care homes, with short life expectancies rightly mean that people prefer to stay in their, often much too large homes, alone, frightened, and unable to live life fully.

Our specialist segment ZESO CARE works innovatively within elderly lifestyle choices. We look at the development of future cities spaces and housing for the elderly, also within design for dementia, where ZESO is currently completing a 3 year Phd Research in how dementia/aging will affect architecture.

ZESO Architects have been deeply involved in the Danish elderlycare sector since 2008, currently a market leader in the analyse and research of future elderly living models and as such together with NDBA Architects, are uniquely qualified to bring the best of international practice to an Irish context:

• Aged Care Facility design – new build and rejuvenation projects

• Senior housing and apartments

• Future community and elderly friendly masterplanning

Europeans are living longer, enjoying life and being much more active in their later years. There is a demand for a new focus on how we want to live in this stage of our lives. There is an increasing demand for flexible and diverse housing typlogies across Europe and Ireland, and  a critical need to reinvent the elderlycare sector for the emerging market.