Residential Renovation

Triumpfvej / Josteinsvej / Halbjørnsvej / Erlingsvej / Bondehavevej in Bagsværd

21.850 m²

AB Gladsaxe
Employers Housing Company in Gladsaxe, section 17

Rådgivende Ingeniør Wissenberg A/S
Opland Landskab

Environment standard
Energy Class 2015

Under construction,
expected finished in 2022

Skoleparken Gladsaxe

The existing building was designed by architect Jørgen Bo in 1958. The building appears as a beautiful yet conservative architectural gem, and is an outstanding representative of its period. ZESO aims to thoroughly renovate the building, while paying respect to the original construction.

The project is a publicly-supported construction, with support from Landsbyggefonden, LBF. The overall project economy must include a thorough renovation of 241 and construction of 36 new homes, which includes the resettlement of current residents. The construction costs are expected to total to triple-digit million Danish Krones.

The property consists of several different types of housing, with varying sizes, floors and outdoor areas. The renovations aim to make all homes contemporary, where the number of rooms and their sizes are optimized to their user’s needs. In paying respect to the original design, large parts of the exterior of the building will remain, and other parts will simply be enhanced with partially new floor plans. This will improve daylight conditions and the indoor climate. As well as this, they will be fitted with new modern kitchens and bathrooms.

The existing buildings have deteriorated over time, and are covered in mould, PCP and asbestos. The property will be environmentally cleaned, with demolition of facades to future-proof them with contemporary and energy-efficient building elements.

The sustainable measures in this building exist in the form of energy-efficient building elements, such as low-energy windows, high-insulated facades and roofs, ventilation systems, etc. In addition, a comprehensive LAR project (Local Rainwater Discharge) is also in place. Daylight conditions are improved and the indoor climate is regulated with new ventilation systems, which are placed in individual homes. The project is appraised by Energy Class 2015.

Process and Collaboration
For this project, we worked in close collaboration with the housing company, construction committee, residents, authorities, landscape architects Opland and advisory engineer Wissenberg. It is through design meetings and focus groups that there has been a thorough process of discussing possibilities and constraints for such a comprehensive renovation. We share with our collaborators a common focus on a future of building, that reflects an architectural exterior while providing contemporary and flexible, healthy housing. There has been constructive discussion, where all possibilities have been considered with enthusiastic input from all parties, resulting in a project with shared ownership.