Renovation of new lease / Brand implementation

Ringager 2 / Brøndby

850 m²

Tenant Advice

Mondelēz International, Inc.

Holmsgaard Ing.

Environmental Standard
Selected furniture is ISO certified


HQ / Mondelez DK

Mondelēz International, Inc. required a new HQ in an old office property, originally from the 1980’s. ZESO has revitalized this lease using an international design manual, and designed a local version for this particular HQ in Denmark. The office now appears in a Nordic style, with bright colour elements represented by Mondelēz’s universe of food, and inspired by their products, such as Oreo, TUC; Marabou and Stimorol.

Acoustic value and providing a good indoor climate have been of highest priority. These requirements could be obtained through selected furniture, flooring, and sound-absorbent sheets between desks. There was also a focus on gracefully optimizing square meterage in common areas. The use of light walls was based on opportunities for teamwork, teleconferencing or concentrated, individual work. Analysis of daylight also helped in delegating dark zones to rooms with TVs, and bright rooms to workspaces.

As tenant advisers, ZESO was responsible for the tenants’ own budget and schedule. We assisted with furniture supply for optimum prices, and requirements for returns, as well as operation and maintenance.

The new office areas now appear brighter, with a modern, nordic take in the choice of robust and beautiful materials. At the same time the international style is represented. Low-maintenance furniture was also chosen.

All glass partitions provided by DEKO can be separated and reused for different functions. The flexible carpet tiles are easily replaced, as they are not glued but ‘wallpapered’. The décor is flexible, and could allow for more employees or other future needs.

Providing a good indoor climate was deliberate, and made possible through the choice of sustainable materials and products alongside energy optimization in the form of LED lights. Selected furniture is also ISO-certified. The carpet tiles provided by Desso are made of 75% recycled materials by Cradle2Cradle. All shelving is constructed in a variety of bamboo, which is a durable and fast-growing material. Almost all materials used are designed and produced in Scandinavia.

Process and collaboration
ZESO are recommended by administrators CBRE to take responsibility in fulfilling the tenant’s requirements. CBRE therefore trusts ZESO to handle important advice for their customers, with an understanding of each client’s business. The result of this is a satisfied tenant, administrator and developer.

Professional disciplines and competences
ZESO have been involved in all competencies: tenant consulting, budget negotiation with landlord, sketching, furniture supply, professional supervision and follow-up.