2017 - 2018

Youth Housing

7.387 m²

Gefion Group

Gråkjær A/S / MOE A/S

Environment Standard
Energy Class 2015


Ib Schønbergs Allé

With the 228 modern youth houses designed by ZESO Architects, Gefion Group has hit the spot with our investors. The exciting project reflects the visions and professional approaches that Gefion Group has in all of their projects – from start to finish.

– Anders Bangsgaard, Koncenton, Professional Real Estate Investor


The six and a half story building neighbours an adjacent square, and acts as a three-winged building against Gammel Køge Landevej, Ib Schønbergs Allé and Poul Reichardts Vej. The building is constructed of natural materials, taking into account its surrounding context of brick facades and white concrete. The main staircase is clad in expanded metal.

The project is offered as a total contract, and its value amounts to approximately 250 million Danish Krones.

The building comprises of a combination of corridors and retracted roofs. The apartment layout is focused on suitability for students, with each apartment furnished with its own kitchen and bathroom. Towards Gammel Køge Landevej, there is a common room on the ground level and on the roof level. There is access to roof terraces from the common room on the roof level.

All the primary construction elements of this project are made of concrete. Pre-mounted windows and doors sit on the sandwich facades. In addition, homes are completed with prefabricated bathrooms.

The sustainable measures in this building exist in the form of energy-efficient building elements, such as low-energy windows, high-insulated facades and roofs, ventilation systems, etc. In addition, solar cells are installed on the roof surfaces, and rainwater is continuously absorbed by the plants, or it evaporates. Therefore, only the rainwater that is not evaporated or accounted for by the plants, will be diverted to the sewage system. As plants naturally absorb CO2 from the air, the discharge of rainwater and air pollution is reduced. The project is appraised by Energy Class 2015.

Process and Collaboration
We share with our collaborators a common focus on a future of building, that reflects an architectural exterior while providing contemporary and flexible housing. In collaborating with Gefion, MOE and authorities, there has been a constructive dialogue about the possibilities and constraints within the framework of the local plan.