Nordre Fælledkvarter / Arenakvarter



Nordre Fælledkvarter / Arenakvarter

11.766 m²

Bonava / NCC Construction

NCC Construction / Opland Landskab

Environment Standard
Energy Class 2015



As part of the Quarterplan for the Arenakvarteret in Ørestad South, ZESO has designed 56 new terraced houses. ZESO’s work with the Urban Planning Plan for the Northern Communal Quarter contains owner-occupied housing and rented accommodation. These come in the form of community houses (3-4 storey houses) and 4 towers combined in pairs, ranging in height from 15 meters to 43 meters.

The building follows the local plan’s intentions regarding the location of the constructions, and is oriented to allow for variation in the near future. The towers are placed to avoid casting shadow on neighbouring buildings as much as possible.

The tower design ensures a connection between the towers, regardless of the number of floors they occupy. To achieve this, the horizontal emphasis on the façade is important. The distinctive, fibre-concrete balconies contribute to this horizontality. The balconies break down and shift the large building volume into smaller units, creating a three-dimensional expression. This makes for interesting displacements and depths throughout the experience of the building.

With early collaboration of professional contractors and advisors, we were enabled to focus on the most economically advantageous building systems and solutions for this project. This means that the building contains a high degree of prefabricated solutions.

The towers have a floor plan of 17 x 17m. Each tower comprises of either three or four apartments per floor. The common living rooms are oriented towards two corners of the scheme, allowing for optimal daylight conditions and viewing possibilities. All apartments have a minimum of one balcony, which is directly connected to the living room and kitchen. The balconies are designed as partially-closed boxes, providing privacy and space for the residents. The box-shaped design of the balconies is optimized to changing weather conditions, so that the balcony can still be utilized by the resident despite wind and rain.

Toilets and bath tubs are located in the darkest parts of the houses, so that bedrooms and shared spaces can take full advantage of the sunlight during the day. The basement provides a space for common rooms, depots and technology. Selected roof area is also utilized as a shared roof terrace, which offers option for activity. The location of the roof terrace allows for optimal views of the entire Arenakvarteret and its surrounding nature.

The project contains a high degree of prefabricated building components, including complete facade elements with pre-mounted windows. This closes off the building, making it weatherproof. In addition to facade elements, bathrooms and other installations are also made as prefabricated elements, and are mounted in connection with the construction of a råhus.

The sustainable measures in this building exist in the form of energy-efficient building elements, such as low-energy windows, high-insulated facades and roofs, etc. In addition, solar cells are installed on roof surfaces and rainwater is continuously absorbed by the plants, or it evaporates. Therefore, only the rainwater that does not evaporate, or is not accounted for by the plants, will be diverted to the sewage system. As plants naturally absorb CO2 from the air, the discharge of rainwater and air pollution is reduced. The project is appraised by Energy Class 2015.

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