Terraced houses

Nordre Fælledkvarter / Arenakvarteret

6.930 m²


NCC Construction / Midtconsult / Opland Landskab

Environment Standard
Energy Class 2015



As part of the Quarterplan for the Arenakvarteret in Ørestad South, ZESO has designed 56 new terraced houses. ZESO’s work with the Urban Planning Plan for the Northern Communal Quarter contains owner-occupied housing and rented accommodation. These come in the form of community houses (3-4 storey houses) and 4 towers, ranging in height from 15 meters to 43 meters.

The building follows the local plan’s intentions regarding the location of the constructions, and is oriented to allow for variation in the near future. The towers are placed to avoid casting shadow on neighbouring buildings as much as possible.

The building acts as a hybrid between traditional terraced houses and multi-storey buildings, which, through dynamic urban spaces, creates a near-urban environment. This environment is aimed at young families, with an emphasis on security and clear, urban spaces.

17 x 17-meter cubes are displaced relative to each other, varying in height and distance. The purpose of this is to achieve differentiated, urban spaces that provide the best daylight conditions and views possible.

With early collaboration of professional contractors, we were enabled to focus on the most economically advantageous building systems and solutions for this project.

The community houses are listed as townhouse buildings, with a special focus on creating good housing in the area around the Arenakvarteret. The homes themselves lie right in the heart of Amager Fælled and in close contact with their scenic surroundings.

Initially in the design phase, there was a particularly strong focus on the solar orientation of the townhouses. Upon arrival at the individual residence, a relationship with the outdoors can be experienced. The entrance of each residence has a direct connection to the kitchen, and a direct visual connection with the garden outside. The layout consists of shared spaces with access to terraces and French balconies, further strengthening that relationship with the surroundings. Besides being an important quality for the individual resident, this inadvertently helps to enrich city life between the houses throughout the Arenakvarteret.

With early collaboration of professional contractors, we were enabled to focus on the most economically advantageous building systems and solutions for this project.

The sustainable measures in this building exist in the form of energy-efficient building elements, such as low-energy windows, high-insulated facades and roofs, etc. In addition, all roof surfaces are treated so that rainwater is continuously absorbed by the plants or evaporated. As part of the overall LAR solution, the rain water that does not evaporate, or is not accounted for on the roof, is then collected for planting and sowing.

Process and Collaboration
In close collaboration with all stakeholders, we share a common focus of a building that will raise the area’s architectural merit, while providing contemporary and flexible homes. From early stages of the project, there has been constructive discussions regarding the possibilities and limitations within the local plan framework.

Provided academic disciplines and applied competencies 
ZESO has been involved in the project from start to finish: Project and Design Management, Concept Development and Sketching, Programming, Design and Professional Supervision.