New business class lounge for Menzies Aviation on Pier C, CPH Airport

CPH Airport / Kastrup

900 m²

Full service consultant

Menzies Aviation


Energiklasse 2015


Menzies Eventyr Lounge CPH Airport

The lounge was designed to meet specific commercial requirements to ensure a viable business case and strengthen Menzies brand with respect to passenger lounges. This involved fulfilling seating and service requirements as well as creating and an appropriate and comfortable atmosphere for the passengers. We also worked to fulfill Menzies’ desire to have the lounge reflect its location in Copenhagen. The lounge is comprised of a variety of seating areas, a large kitchen supplying bar and buffet facilities, restroom and shower facilities as well as an office for administration.

Several specific sustainable elements were focused on in the project including the creation of a good working environment for the staff. This involved the creation of costly new windows to ensure proper daylighting conditions for the office and kitchen. Green planting was a primary design element and the plants were selected from typical, local foliage form the Danish forest. Natural wood was also a primary material used in the fit-out and this can be recycled when the need arises.

ZESO maintained a running budget through the entire project process which allowed us to adjust the project during the design and construction process to ensure that Menzies’ budget was met. We used this focus on the budget pro-actively to deliver a maximum of design value for the funds available.

The lounge is designed to provide a Nordic and specifically Danish atmosphere for passengers to relax and refresh before their flight. This is achieved through a selection of natural, warm materials, a large amout of green planting, extensive natural daylight and furniture selection which displays both iconic Danish classics as well as contemporary Scandinavian furniture. All of these elements are woven together into a simple and refined composition which is understated in a distinctly Danish manner. An existing panorama view of the airport was also a primary design element which we responded to by creating various groups of seating with low screens for privacy that would at the same time not interrupt the view from anywhere within the lounge.

Constructablility was a primary consideration for the very first sketches due to the tight time schedule for implementation and the complicated access to the sight which is located airside in the airport and in an area with unscreened passengers.  We took these constraints into consideration by designing elements which had a high degree of prefabrication whose elements maintain a certain size for security scanning and access and to ensure fast installation on site.


Business Traveler Magazine has in 2018 named Eventyr Lounge in CPH Kastrup as one of the best top 100 airport lounges.