General plan / new reception area / renovation of Wing D

Vejlands Allé 200

Arrival Reception Lounge Bar / 2.000 m²
Room wing / 800 m²

Danhostel Copenhagen Amager

JL Engineering / Opland Landskab / HK BYG / Kompleet


Danhostel Copenhagen Amager

ZESO has, through master-planning, recreated Danhostel Copenhagen Amager, upgrading it to a cosy, Nordic environment for overnight guests.

Indoor facilities are upgraded, as is the surrounding landscape. Employee workflows have been improved through rethinking the organization and referring to daily routines, prioritizing visibility of the workflow to the guests. It is now random meetings and overall togetherness that create a journey through the space. The Danish term ‘hygge’, which international guests are often curious about, is present at several levels in ZESO-designed furniture such as shelving, sitting niches, the bar and the reception. There are also 16 new rooms in Wing D, which are optimized to house 2-4 people.

The hostel is beautifully situated in the unique nature of Amager Fælled. The main priority in upgrading the hostel was to include nature’s elements in all aspects of the building. Local animal species can be seen in display cases that are placed in the distinctive wall shelving, and information about plant species can be found in the library shelves at the entrance. The materials used consist of birch wood, cedar wood, moss walls, concrete floors and recyclable green rubber mats, placed in seating niches.

The new Wing D is clad in cedar wood. There are built-in skylights in the corridors, allowing visitors to view the stars. The choice of materials was based heavily on Nordic design, using wooden furniture, green walls and carpet in greys and greens. Rooms appear inviting and bright, and plant species such as reeds and meadow flowers create a pleasant atmosphere.

The overall plan reflects that Danhostel Copenhagen Amager thinks environmentally, economically and sustainably: This is communicated to their guests via the physical framework. Emphasis has been placed on reliable solutions and materials that make for a better micro-climate through greater biodiversity for the immediate area through new planting. In the refurbishment of Wing D, work has been done on providing a good indoor climate through the use of sustainable materials and products. Accessibility has also been improved.

Process and collaboration
Danhostel Copenhagen Amager is located in a nature zone with restrictive conditions. The advisor, in close collaboration with the Danish Nature Agency and TMF, has assisted in obtaining permits for all refurbishments.

Professional disciplines and competences
ZESO have been involved in all competencies: programming, concept development and sketching, project and design management, contract handling and professional supervision.