Housing / Commercial

Carlsberg / København V

7695 m²

Carlsberg Byen PS

Alectia / Opland Landskab

Environment standard
Energy Class 2015





Brygmester Hus

ZESO draws upon a new and distinctive block: Brygmester Hus in Carlsberg City. The project consists of a mixed-use block scheme, containing 54 homes and two commercial properties.

Brygmester Hus is located in Carlsberg City, Vesterbro, where a new neighbourhood is about to arise among the old. The building consists of approximately 4,900m² of housing, providing 54 homes of varying sizes. In connection with the houses, there will be private roof terraces, as well as a larger, shared rooftop terrace and a green courtyard. The commercial properties in the building account for 1,650m², and are divided into two floors, where the property can be divided into one or two leases.


Brygmester Hus is located in an area characterized by old, detailed and conservative buildings, that give the place a character and emphasize its history. This means that we must relate our design to the existing buildings, in a new and modern way.

The facade is clad in brick, referring to the context of the surrounding buildings. On the ground floor, the brick facades consist of a stone formwork, contributing a higher level of detail to the urban area. Metal plates create breaks in the brick façade, which add a varied dynamic to the exterior.

The building consists of two penthouse apartments of 200m², each with their own private roof terrace. The courtyard is a warm and pleasant place to reside, supported by a wooden façade. The green courtyard is a casual meeting place, that is inviting to the community and to neighbours of all ages.

As well as receiving natural sunlight and having a relationship with the outdoors, all dwellings include a shared kitchen or family room. All common living areas of the residences are directly connected to either a balcony or a terrace. To ensure flexibility in use and appeal to a broad array of people, the dwellings are provided with as many rooms as possible, often with the possibility of a non-smoking room.

Toilets and bath tubs are located in the darkest parts of the houses, so that bedrooms and shared spaces can take full advantage of the sunlight during the day. The basement provides a space for public areas, depots, car parking, bike parking and technology. The development of the plans has been carried out in close collaboration with Carlsberg’s City sales departments.

The sustainable measures in this building exist in the form of energy-efficient building elements, such as low-energy windows, high-insulated facades and roofs, etc. In addition, solar cells are installed on the roof surfaces, and rainwater is continuously absorbed by the plants, or is evaporated. The project is appraised by Energy Class 2015.

With the involvement of professional contractors from the early stages of the project, it has been possible to design and choose advantageous building systems and solutions. The dwellings are also fitted with prefabricated bathrooms.

During the design phase, there has been close collaboration between the project group, the developer and the contractor (HMM). With collaboration from an early stage, it has been possible to execute an economical project while maintaining a high architectural ambition.