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Ireland stands at both an exciting and challenging juncture in its development.

The irish governments National Planning Framework ( Project ireland 2040) has identified that a business as usual approach will see:

  • The continuation of sprawling growth
  • Stagnation of inner city and older suburban areas
  • An ongoing shift in population and jobs towards the east
  • Greater distances between where people work and where they live

Denmark has been through similar challenges over the past decades has focused on the common good, diversifying into alternative energy sources, investment in public transport and densifying development along these transport hubs.

It has positioned itself as a world leader within sustainable livability focused development and

  • Is no.1 in the Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2017 (clean-power industry )
  • Consistently rated highly on the global livability and happyness indices
  • A building industry delivering one of the most demanding energy regulations in the world
  • A world leader within renewable energies and circular economies
  • A housing industry leading the way in mixed use developments ,and inclusive design
  • A innocations hub for advanced prefabrication and digitalisation of the building process

There’s no reason why Ireland can’t learn from Danish development, and indeed, do Denmark better than Denmark, in the future.

ZESO Architects is a driven self-aware business savvy office, who recognize that collaboration and mutual respect is the key to achieving a greater vision.

We have therefore over the last year prepared for the Irish market by realising partnership agreements with Irish architectural offices, NDBA Architects in Dublin, and Feeney McMahon Architects in Limerick.

Mick Forde Bradley

Mick Forde Bradley

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