• 10. January / ZESO have won the contract to design the new Finger E at Copenhagen’s Airport

    ZESO is part of the winning team in the commission for a new Finger E terminal expansion at Copenhagen Airport– 22.000 m2 – new build

    Video (1,22 min.) – ZESO in CPH (in danish)

    Copenhagen Airports A/S has just unveiled the first massive construction project that will help to realize the plan to create space and facilities for 40 million passengers and 17 new long-haul routes. ZESO Architects has teamed up with Vilhelm Lauritzen Architects and the engineering consulting company COWI , to win the design and construction consultancy for the new Finger E project. ZESO has also been involved in other large projects at CPH, most notably Terminal 2 LTE Phase 2 – as the second stage of a thorough flow expansion and modernization of land-side terminal areas – as well as the newly opened flexible Wide Body Busgates at Copenhagen Airport.

    Finger E architectural team

    ZESO and VLA have together formed an architectural team that combines a vast expertise and experience in projects for Copenhagen Airport. ZESO has drawn several projects for CPH within the last 3 years, including the extensive renovation of Terminal 2 and the development of Wide Body Busgates in Finger C. The team’s airport projects have varied in character and scale and reflect the the group’s broad competencies. At Finger E, ZESO and VLA are responsible for architecture, concept development and outline planning, design, bid management and building supervision.

    ZESO’s Partner and Segment Manager for Aviation, Kelly Andrew Nelson, who is responsible for the architecture of Finger E, says:

    “It has been crucial to create a modern airport building that addresses the needs of the future in terms of flight sizes, flexibility and efficiency in an architecture that is perceived as a new interpretation of the Scandinavian style CPH is known for. The architecture must ensure that passengers have no doubt that they are in Copenhagen. The ‘livability’ that Copenhagen has become world-renowned for as a city, must also be experienced as a passenger at the airport, in terms of an efficient but unpretentious and comfortable experience as a passenger. “


    Finger E’s architectural identity is created through a reinterpretation of the airport’s existing Scandinavian design character. The architecture of the building thus combines the continuation of Copenhagen Airport’s identity, while implementing new initiatives that anchor the architecture in both the present and the future.

    The special Copenhagen atmosphere is created by integrating large amounts of daylight, a material composition consisting mainly of warm, natural materials, an overall simplicity and rationality, which are extended out from the existing terminal complex.

    The building is scheduled to accommodate passengers on April 1, 2019.

    ZESO is looking forward to our future orientated AVIATION cooperation, as part of CPH’s major airport expansion plans.

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    International Airport Review

    ZESO projektside – Aviation Finger E

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