• 1. February / ZESO ALLIANCE now a reality

    Acquisitions and consolidation are not the sole responses to customers seeking an improved collaboration within the building sector by using a single contracting party. A flexible alliance in a binding collaboration capable of adapting to customer needs and delivering exactly what is required, offers customers a wider range of choices tailored to their specific needs. The answer here is ZESO ALLIANCE, capable of gathering all deliveries under one umbrella, ensuring both volume and specialisation in a flexible format.

    ZESO has thus initiated a new business structure, setting the stage for a agile model able to respond to the needs of a changeable world with marketing and specialist businesses united in close collaboration. A one-stop shopping model where one contracting party provides a clear overview and simple lines of communication.

    Torben Juul, CEO, Founding Partner: The establishment of ZESO ALLIANCE serves to emphasise that we deliver the services that our customers need through our dedication to setting up powerful and binding alliances. As a provider of integrated consultancy services, we assume responsibility not only at project level, but also at process and social levels, being continually aware of the interrelationship between them. This approach serves to strengthen our working relationship and our shared footprint on the surroundings.

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