• 10. August / New Framework Agreement for CPH

    ZESO Architects has won a new framework agreement for architectural consultancy for Copenhagen Airport (CPH). It is the second time we have won a framework agreement with CPH, so we are looking forward to continuing the great cooperation we have built over the last years.

    ZESO is especially excited to work with CPH in this special time, both interesting and challenging since many travellers are returning after two years with COVID-19. Now it is time to rebuild and develop the future sustainable airport.

    Besides the previous framework agreement, ZESO has been a part of bigger projects like Pier E and the ongoing improvement of the terminal area after the security check, which includes more space for baggage claim and passport control. Furthermore, we have expanded our airport experience to other projects on the Faroe Islands and in Greenland where a new passenger terminal, service building and tower are under construction.


    Projects and areas in CPH with a connection to ZESO is shown underneath: