• 7. June / New Clubhouse!

    On a sunny summer day, water sports are an ideal activity.

    In this regard, ZESO Architects are pleased to have designed the new clubhouse and facilities for Helgoland Surfers.

    The clubhouse will be located in Amager Strandpark, at the transition between the Lagoon and Øresund near beach station 3. The beautiful natural surroundings create a strong visual cohesivness at Amager Strandpark, which the clubhouse should naturally accommodate. Therefore, the building will consist of a lightweight wooden structure, creating an airy and transparent building mass that blends with the natural surroundings and follows the clear guidelines of the local plan.

    The clubhouse will not only include relevant facilities such as storage rooms for SUP and surfboards, sails and kites, changing rooms, workshops, etc., but also an “observation loft” that provides an overview of activities in the Lagoon and thus enhances water safety.

    With Helgoland Surfers’ strong focus on the youth community and attractive water sports activities in a safe environment, ZESO hopes to support this with a little gem in Amager Strandpark.