• 3. October / Finger E is flying !

    Thomas Woldbye, CEO at CPH: A stunning building welcoming passengers with its light and airy appearance – a building capable of generating additional space for growth.

    ZESO has indeed had special focus on creating an appealing and flexible flow into the marked complexity of an airport building. Finger E with a capital outlay of DKK 1.5bn is part of the master plan outlining the development strategy to increase capacity from 30 to 40m passengers annually. Additionally, Phase 2 is well under way with completion expected in 2020 of a total of 36,000 m² – an example of balancing between an extremely efficient building technique and a holistic design, turning the travel experience into an adventure.

    For a look behind the scenes of one of Denmark’s largest and most complex building projects, try YouTube and learn more about the project designed in collaboration with VLA and COWI HÉRE.