• 17. May / ENIGMA is Open!

    ZESO Architects is excited about the opening of the ENIGMA museum in Østerbro, Copenhagen.

    The iconic postal building by Trianglen as been restored and the side building has been renovated with clean and elegant new facades. Through close dialogue with ENIGMA and JEUDAN,  ZESO has helped establish new space planning that facilitates an ideal flow and museum experience, with room for immersion, entertainment and play.

    ZESO’s contribution to a successful and complex building transformation is achieved through a balanced approach. An approach that builds upon hands-on experience in the craft of adapting the possibilities of a physical context to new and relevant uses. This approach enables ZESO to see a plethora of opportunities in the existing building, whether it revolves around cultural experiences or reviewing historical buildings like our projects on Vestergade/Frederiksberggade or Valby Maskinfabrik.

    Here at ZESO the latest transformation project concerns the previous Fog Bolig- og Designhus in Lyngby for Bruun Rasmussen Kunstauktioner, which currently is being renovated. The building will aim to create a new and dynamic place promoting culture and arts in the heart of Lyngby. The project is expected to be complete later this summer.

    Foto: Adam Grønne