• 13. March / ”Brewmaster’s House” in Carlsberg Byen.

    ZESO Architects are designing in collaboration with Carlsberg Byen, Alectia, and Opland Landscape one of the new high profile blocks, ”Brewmaster’s House” in Carlsberg city.

    The project consists of a mixed-use block with 54 apartments, two office rental spaces and a creche institution, in total 7695m2.

    Brewmaster’s house is at an early phase of development so the final design of the project is not fixed as yet.

    We are looking forward to continuing the design process with our collaboration partners and Brewmaster’s house is expected to be completed in the end of 2019.


    Torben Juul

    Torben Juul

    CEO Creative Director / Founding Partner

    Architect MAA

    +45 28575557 / tju@zeso.dk

    Mick Forde Bradley

    Mick Forde Bradley

    Segment Leader IRELAND / Partner

    Architect MAA MRIAI DGNB

    +45 61667154 / mfb@zeso.dk