• 1. May / Balconies are now mounted on Fælledudsigten – Phase 1

    Phase 1 of our tower project in collaboration with Bonava by the new Arena in Ørestad is close to being complete.

    The striking cantilevered balconies are mounted and the house has achieved a noticeable identity with a solid craftsmanship feel and high level of detail.

    Throughout the design process, there was a focus on creating a very technically effective and innovative building – the facades sandwich elements, are fully manufactured off-site, including the concrete back wall, insulation, brick, window and claddings elements  – and then craned into place in one lift. Each facade is made up of two prefabricated elements, 8,5m in length.

    In spite of the prefabricated construction process, great care was taken to ensure the building was not plagued by the visible joint details that are typical for this type of building method. Window placement, a recessed horizontal band marking each floor level, and the clever placement of a light metal facade cladding, meant that the joints could be hidden in the overall facade language.

    The result is four new towers in Ørestad with a noticeably high level of detail and quality in their finishes.