• 21. March / Aviation + Connectivity

    It is no secret that we at ZESO Architects are happy about our engagement and specialist knowledge within aviation.

    We are inspired by the airport’s ability to connect people and drive meaningful development. An airport categorised as critical infrastructure is an essential, complex and public junction, which serves a city and region.

    At ZESO Architects, we strive to solve complex problems through a balanced approach, and we see airports as a natural extension of this. We this approach in mind, we accommodate the requirements of the modern airport on its way to becoming a future green transport junction.

    ZESO Architects has been a part of the development of Copenhagen Airport during the last 10 years. We have consciously worked with a variety of projects to establish an overall understanding of the complexities of the modern airport. Some examples could be ZESO being a part of optimising Terminal 2 Landside, designing the new Finger E and Terminal 3 Airside projects in collaboration with VLA and designing Eventyr Lounge in Finger C for Menzies.

    ZESO Architects is also designing the upcoming airport terminals in Nuuk and Qaqortoq. The approach to these projects builds upon great respect for nature and culture in Greenland. This type of work, combined with the design of Vagar Airport and Aarhus Airport, has given us unique experiences with the special conditions and challenges connected to regional airports. We are excited to apply this expertise in other airports in Denmark and the North.

    ZESO has carried out multiple master planning projects for e.g., Copenhagen Airport, Vagar Airport and Aarhus Airport. We have recently strengthened these competencies by hiring Christina Okai Mejborn, who previously has been senior master planner at Copenhagen Airport. So, ZESO Architects is looking to boost our efforts in master planning going forward.