ZESO HIGH FIVE is our holistic working method which is the basis for the development and realisation of all projects



It is our belief that an inclusive process involving developers, clients and end-users is crucial for the quality of the life we are creating a framework for.
By carefully mapping the users’ often-differing needs, and by involving all the stakeholders, we can gain knowledge, which can lead to functional solutions that create a sense of ownership towards the building project.


We have a holistic approach to social, cultural, environmental and resource related aspects. An element’s life cycle analysis and costing, mounting, dismounting and reuse, are always part of our deliberation when choosing components and materials. We endeavor to create a framework for community spirit and social interaction between generations as well as cultures.


Right from the beginning we look at maximising quality and value based on the financial possibilities and limitations of a project.
This helps establish the business case early on in the process and enables developers and business partners to set qualified priorities for the project.


We have a Nordic approach to architecture, and our process is based on the development and realisation of original architectural concepts. Functionality, the interplay between a building and its surroundings, as well as an optimal use of daylight and a calculated choice of materials, are crucial parameters.


We, already in the initial concept sketches, have a focus on how best to realise a project. Among other things, we analyse fire strategies, accessibility, building envelop, and the principles of construction, which are all included in our creative process. We constantly search for ways to optimise and innovate the building process, component design, as well as production methods.