Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the response to the building industry’s need to undergo digital transformation in order to adapt to the global market. BIM does not exist on its own. It is a methodology that provides solutions to real-life problems and helps specialists plan, design, build and manage construction projects better, faster and with higher concern for the environment and the society.

    At ZESO we use BIM to unlock project value. With BIM, we enhance a multidisciplinary approach and provide the project stakeholders with a sustained standpoint in relation to functionality, sustainability, economy, aesthetics and buildability, thus supporting our HIGH FIVE method through advanced technology, e.g. ongoing calculations that automatically follow the design. Through well-established frameworks, we apply BIM methods and processes to find better solutions to every-day challenges.

    Through a highly segmented and well-integrated Research & Development approach, we ensure enough flexibility in terms of BIM execution at the project level, thus, acknowledging the fact that every project is unique and needs to be treated according to its specific requirements. Realizing that BIM is only a tool that augments our design capabilities, helps us keep the focus on the value and use the right BIM methods at the right time for the right reasons.

    At our ZESO BIM LAB, we continuously research new possibilities in order to find more efficient ways of exploiting BIM technology as part of our design process. By taking part in BIM networks and events, we stay up to date with the latest knowledge in the field. Through our internal ZESO ACADEMY, we invest in our people and treat them like a strong business tool rather than an add-on. We repeatedly evaluate our team’s capabilities and, thus, we set internal targets and identify skillset gaps.