• Background


    ZESO Architects was founded in May 2008.

    The idea was a simple one.

    Danish Architects are traditionally known to be adept at developing projects based on the parameters of functionality and aesthetics.

    The relationship, especially in the initial design phases, with constructability and economy has often lagged behind these focus points. Values, which building constructors, have focus on, but which often come too late into a projects development. By already, in the very ownership of the office itself, combining, both a constructor’s and an architect’s virtues, ZESO wanted to ensure a new focus and culture for the studio.

    Sustainability has evolved to be a factor of equal importance with the 4 aforementioned, both nationally and internationally. Denmark has in the meantime, decided to be an energy-neutral society by 2050, and we are convinced that it means a paradigm shift in architecture.

    ZESO Architects, which stands for Zero Energy SOciety is included in our name to underline our dedication to the cause.

    ZESO works in segments, managed by Partner and Segment Leaders.

    Today we have a workforce that is characterized as being highly motivated and dedicated, and we work with a wide variety of project types and scales, from masterplanning to industrial design.