We want to create an Ireland that excels. An Ireland that should takes its place among the best places to live in the world. Irish people are beginning to demand more. To expect more from their lives, their cities, and their spaces.

For too long we have accepted “good enough” and “sure it’s grand – the time to change is now.

Through new collaboration models, learning from both our own Irish, but also international experience, we can avoid making the mistakes of the past again. We can create the Ireland we can all be proud and happy to grow old in. By 2040 the ESRI is predicting the need for some 660.000 new jobs and at least a half a million new homes. How will these people live and work?


Ireland’s population is changing and we need cities and housing that look to a brighter future.

The number of elderly people will increase dramatically in Europe in the coming years, both those who are 60+ years but also 80+ years segment. By 2041, there will be 1.4 million in the Republic of Ireland aged 65 and over, an increase of 120%.

Europeans are living longer, enjoying life and are much more active in their later years. There is a demand for a new focus on how we want to live in this stage of our lives.

Our specialist segment ZESO CARE works innovatively within elderly lifestyle choices. We look at the development of future cities spaces and housing for the elderly, also within design for dementia, where ZESO is currently completing a 3 year Phd Research in how dementia/aging will affect architecture.

“An Ireland that is unashamedly proud of demanding and creating only the best quality of life for our people.”

Mick Forde Bradley

Mick Forde Bradley

Segment Leader IRELAND / Partner


+45 61667154 / mfb@zeso.dk